Weekly Blog Post 2

To cover what our group has done so far; we have officially been assigned a topic (Mountain Dance and Music Festival), we have been paired with two computer science groups who will both create an interactive feature for our website, and we have contacted both the Mars Hill Special Collections and our own Special Collections.

Going forward, our to do list is; research our collection, identify our focus within the collection (preferably involving music), gather information on file sharing between the Special Collections, begin our group websites, and contact the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival about our project and if there is anything  they would like us to cover. Also, we should probably ask Mr. Hyde about how exactly to contact the Festival and with what information. I for one am nervous about that aspect because I worry about what exactly we need to tell them. I suppose we ought to simply start the conversation.

Our digital history group plans to meeting every Tuesday morning in Special Collections, beginning tomorrow. It is possible that we will have to start reviewing information before identifying our focus and run the risk of reviewing things that do not necessarily need review. However, I feel that is very hard to argue in history since everything somewhat matters. I feel as though we are stalling and simply have to get started!


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