Quick Check-In

Mr. Hyde has contacted the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival (MDFF) in order to request permission to publish anything in the collection. He believes this is significant enough contact and did not advise any further discussion. I think it would be nice to announce the final project to the MDFF committee at the end of the semester so that they may view it before it becomes public. I am not sure how that would happen and have not discussed it with the group. I am just throwing around ideas!

We have officially started digging through the collection. We will be meeting in Special Collections every Tuesday, if Mr. Hyde approves, from 8:15am to 9:45am as a group. We will also visit individually. After we get through Box 6, which Mr. Hyde says is the crux of the collection, we will fully identify our topic and delegate tasks. As of now, we are leaning towards focusing on Bascom Lamar Lundsford but since we would like to work with music, we will be limited to which audio files we have access too. It seems like there are less audio files than we thought were available at the Mars Hill archives. However, the MDFF collection here is not fully processed and we were able to find some audio and DVDs that could be digitized. That will also happen soon.

To Do:

  • Fully analyze Box 6
  • digitize any audio and video files
  • begin group wordpress site
  • identify a focus topic and begin collecting information.

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