2.10.2017 Group Meeting

This is the last meeting with all the groups until after spring break, 3.24.2017. We have discovered that the majority of the music file we would like to work with are actually housed at UNCA! They just had not been processed yet. Luckily, we were able to digitize 4 CDs worth of the music but there is still a good bit to go. Also, we have not thoroughly listened to or identified the music on those discs. So our goal as Digital History Students are to finish analyzing the collection, digitize the music, listen and identify the tracks, and finally choose a focus!

The ultimate goal is to be able to present all the information and digitized stuff that the Computer Science students need to get started. We do have a pretty cool idea growing of a Dance-Dance-Revolution version but that it definitely still in the works. We also created a shared Google file which the Computer Science  students let us know is the best way to share music files.

One thought on “2.10.2017 Group Meeting

  1. Nice post, good detail. I still think that it’s a good idea to see what’s at MHC, just in case they have things that would provide a complement to the UNCAsheville collections. What about the digital tools? Anything interesting there?


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