3.12.2017 End of Week 8

Our group is barreling through the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival Collection. Andrea especially has been doing so much work in Special Collections. Ethan, since he does not have a mobile computer, has taken on the computer aspect of this project. His limited schedule allows him less time in Special Collections but plenty of time at the computer elsewhere. Even so, he has still found time to make it to the library. I have been put in charge of music. I have discovered that we have about 7 VHS tapes, 4 audio tapes (2 of which have been digitized), and 4 CDs that have not be processed. These all have to be previewed to make sure they are worth digitizing for our project. During my internship time in Special Collections I have been listening to the tapes and CD as background music. Watching the videos take undivided attention though. While the audio tapes can be digitized in Special Collections, VHS tapes must be digitized downstairs in the Media Center. Both types of tapes must digitize in real time twice so the process is time consuming. Though we are struggling to find a time for all of us to meet, it seems that we have all been working consistently. One area we really ought to work more on is the Contract.

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