3.22.’17 Group Meeting

Before the meeting, we compiled a list in Special Collections yesterday of questions and concerns that we have as our first deadline is approaching. As a group we are really feeling very overwhelmed and a bit lacking direction. I think this is due to how much information we have.

Meeting Notes:

  • General About page for each tab, then two or three things within each, you may list several but only concentrate on a few under each topic.
  • keep it manageable because you have an un-manageable amount of material. We need to ‘whittle’
  • Catherine: Go to Sasha in the Media Lab for questions on how to upload audio files to Google Drive. The games students should need to second the video choices for digitization. Choose what videos you think might be most useful to them and then let them know what they have to do to use them. Email Sasha about the VHS digitizing process and what exactly the games students would have to do.
  • Andrea: Scanned a lot of images so far and has been responsible for base-history and dancing history. She is struggling with citations and with the dates on some of the documents.
  • Ethan: Box research and primarily working on the website. Do not allow him to work on the website alone as that is not fair and not the assignment. Catherine and Andrea should be handling the pages that they are doing the research for.
  • Andrea: How do we cite sources on the website, citation page or footnotes? It is up to us. Reference the Century America cites because they did both. Decide as a group which you like best.
  • We are turning in the Website as finished as possible. As much text as you can, focus on the text and research. If you can get Timeline JS up as well, then that can also be proof read. But we want to make sure that links work and that images load properly.
  • We will be meeting with Com.Sci. students every Friday in the computer lab for the remainder of the semester.

Feeling a lot better now. I realized we were focusing on too much info and it is okay to narrow it down. It is also nice to know that the website is our focus, especially text, and I can drop the idea of analyzing each piece of music.

Thank you Dr. Pearson!

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