3.24.’17 Post-Break Meeting with Games Students

The group meeting on Friday with the Com.Sci. Students was very helpful and turned out a lot of good ideas. Both groups and had great games to show us and by seeing the games we were able to imagine a way to fit them into our topic. For instance one game will have a character walk around a dance hall or theater and stop at booths where interactive pictures from our Roll Call will be available. The other game will have a little squirrel jumping up levels and collecting items through a timeline of the Festival.

These ideas are the result of extensive discussion with both groups about how the information applies the the games they can create. We originally had ideas of playing a kinda of Dance Dance Revolution game but we found out that is not very feasible.

What has been decided is the lay out of each game and what the Gaming students ought to be working on before we meet again. For one group, it seems like all the need to do is redecorate their game. The other group has suggested recreating their game in order to make something similar, but very different. They have assured us that they can do this in the given time frame.

Going forward, the games students have been told to work on preparing the platform for the information we will provide. We gave them some numbers and topics to get them started like how many songs we will give them to work with and how many stops there will be on our timeline. We now really need to focus on this first draft due on Wednesday.


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