3.31.’17 Friday Meeting w/ Games Students

So our website needs a lot of work. We were aware of that fact even after viewing the Synagogue’s website through Hypothesis before today’s meeting. Now we have a concrete To Do list.

While all of the music has been shared through Google Drive, each group needs to know specifically which track goes with which topic. One games group needs a track per time period and fact for their game, about 6. The other group need a track per Roll Call person which is roughly 7 tracks. Luckily, the trouble I have been having with converting the audio files into the requesting format is easily overcome by them. They can handle that portion.

Andrea needs to upload images to Google Drive. They currently are not in a usable file format so they must be converted before being uploaded. Andrea did upload them to Photo-Bucket which may have automatically converted them. We are working through that currently.

The Roll Call game in particular has asked for photos showing the current auditorium in use. They need to reference these photos when designing the environment in the game. This may take compiling a lot of photos in order to bring a full idea of the auditorium together. We might also reference the current state of the auditorium as well. However, google searches for the auditorium have not revealed much information. We may have to go out to pack and take pictures.

The Games students have not actually started working on the games yet, so they did not have much to report to us.


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