4.3.’17 Hypothesis Review Session

Today we met with the Synagogue Website group to review the first drafts of each other’s websites. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for this meeting. I misunderstood the schedule and believed that we would not meet until Wednesday. I was also so convinced by my mistake that I did not double check the syllabus. Luckily, another student from class works with me in Special Collections and asked what I was doing there! I would like to discuss my reactions to the critiques of our website then

In my opinion we have to change our theme. I feel like most of this meeting was us explaining why we could not do something because of the theme. This is partially due to the fact that Ethan has fully taken on the appearance and function of the website. Andrea and I have only added our research. In fact, I cannot log in at all and have done all of my work through Ethan’s account. Changing the theme may not fix that but it will at least get rid of that header.

I would like to put one of the games on our home page, but since both of them apply to other tabs I am not sure that will happen. However, they interactions may make those pages too busy if they are added under these tabs. We may want to lighten up on some denser information under those tabs. For instance, Ethan created a much longer Honor Roll than we previously agreed on. It is great but adding a game to that and the biographies that are still missing would make a super long page! I think our home page could use some love.

Most of my work has been handling the music. I found that when I sat down to write my paragraph, I did not actually have a ton to write. I know the music but aside from transferring, digitizing, uploading, and sharing, I do not have thick research to fall on. I will definitely be responsible for adding music onto our website and that feels like a very daunting challenge. I will be spending more time in the media center over the next few weeks than I ever have!


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