4.14.’17 Games Students Meeting

To Do List:

  • Provide info for each Roll Call along with research citations and music citations.
  • Resolve some photos from current auditorium for reference, Not sure if actual photos will be possible.
  • Provide music citations for Timeline game and brief info on each event.
  • Productive Failure Blog

Most of what we need to do will be covered by our final draft this Wednesday. We will simply need to make all of that information readily available to the Games Students and possibly tweak the information so that it does not repeat exactly what is written on the website. Otherwise, it seems like our dig. hist. group and games groups are content to focus on their individual parts. We came together and now have separated with different goals. Most of their questions now revolve around how to upload the games to the website and what-not. Those are questions that we as dig. hist. students cannot answer.


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