4.24.2017 Meeting with Games Students

Today marks the beginning of the end! We will now meet regularly with games students to go over our presentations. Today, we spent most of our time testing out the games that the other groups have been working on and building our presentation.

Both games look awesome and are coming along really well. The Timeline game took it upon themselves to create True/False quiz throughout their game using the information we gave them. They also edited some of the provided music to fit their scenes. The Roll Call game has created what looks like a really professional game. So far, I am very happy with both of the projects.

Last Friday, Carole Schroeder, who is working with us on the Roll Call game, began and shared our group presentation on Google Drive. She did a fantastic job creating it! Part of today’s meeting was spent working on our slides. We will be presenting before the games students and I am the ‘lead historian’ for our group. We only have a few minutes and a few slides to talk about so we are still deciding what should go on the slides and what we should only talk about. One big question we have is how much of our research should we include in our presentation considering the time limits. We also compiled a short list of things we would change about our final website draft. We did this just in case we are allowed to edit after we are graded.


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