4.28.’17 Class Notes

Our blog post  or our paper defending our contract is now due on May 3rd, reading day. Here’s what should be in it:

The syllabus says – Wednesday, May 3: Reading day/no class, but paper/blog post due by 5 p.m. reflecting on the process and defending your project as contracted. Description from the assignment section, above: At the end of the semester, each person will be expected to write a brief blog post or paper (your choice.) This paper (1-2 pages in length or 500 words) should reflect on the process of creating a website, and it should defend your group’s project as contracted.  Examples of Reflections/defense of contract posts can be found on this page: http://course.centuryamerica.org/

We should discuss any major changes (like theme) that had to take place. You should somewhat include your productive failure blog without copying it. Continue your reflection as it were. What did you learn from this class? How will you use it in the future? Use this paper to connect your experience in class, in the group, as a group, reflection, and suggestions.

Class discussion:

  • Consider the importance of questioning the author…
  • We are more comfortable texting and posting online then we are in person. We are less likely to speak/act in person…
  • Are my beliefs the same as my digital identity? is my digital identity the same as my digital citizenship? If they are different, do they ever appear differently?
  • There is a democratization online that does not necessary exist in our 3D space….
  • There is a really odd balance between what is private and then the freedom of being whoever you want. In some ways we sacrifice privacy for vulnerability in the face of expression. And in some ways expressing more, makes us more vulnerable.
  • The trends are super interesting as far as age considered because we will eventually reach a point where our children will find those posts. I do not know how many people experience that now, but it will definitely happen to most people eventually. This also calls one of our previous readings back, the on about the young girl and how much she was on social media and how she constructed it. She only had but 25 photos? Because she was making a statement and controlling how she was interpreted.
  • “I think to ask for order on the internet would be asking if there is order in the world already.” – Ethan
  • There is a time lapse because younger generations tend to pick up on trends faster than older generations and we are becoming the older generation. There is a very visible difference in the skill-set of each generation now.
  • Wikipedia – I am constantly telling my students who  struggle with history always answer these 3 questions first: Author? Date? Place? Those together create context. But within digital arenas context is constantly changing and I believe students are behind the curve on context analysis. They do not yet realize how important a good source is.
  • I dislike the change from book in classrooms from computers in classrooms because I am not accustomed to it. I think we are too reliant but that opinion can be distracting. It separated me from my students because they will not make the effort to come to me, I have to go to them on their level. Maybe drag a few of ’em back.

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