5.1.2017 Meeting with Games Students

Today we met with the Games students to review our presentations. It would have been nice to practice but unfortunately all of the students involved with MDFF are rushing to finish their individual parts. The history team spent most of our time together reviewing the Hypothesis comments on our website and coming up with solutions. From reading through just the Google Doc comments Dr. Pearson sent us we (as a group) need too…

1.find cohesive citation format
2. add primary citation information to every page
3.cite Lunsford’s most recent bio
4. Add and about page
5. Add a links page for games and og website
6. remove comments section
We are all responsible for fixing our individual pages. But there needs to be a greater emphasis on checking each-other’s work. However, among our group is a lot of stress and tension that comes with this time of year. Many of us feel lost that our feedback was so bad, though we agree that more could be done. The questions I prepared for today’s meeting are…
1. Is it acceptable to delete our references page and place full citations at the bottom of each page?
2. What would our new ‘about’ page need to include? we would like to avoid personal information.
3. Please clarify this sentence from our comments: “Any improvements in the site will be taken into consideration in the final group and individual grade, but of course they will not “count” as significantly now as they would have if you had don’t them before the due date.” Frankly, what is our current grade and what is the highest possible grade we could achieve now that we are working past the due date?
4.In your opinion, is a links page the best way to go with presenting the games?
The Games students seem to be in a similar rush and are hurrying to fix all the problems they can. I am happy that someone from every group is available for this Saturday’s presentation practice!

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